We have partnered with RazItAll to create a rare, but limited opportunity for large, medium and just beginning investors to own equity in CryptoLancers Inc.

On May 20th, CryptoLancers Inc. offered CryptoLancers equity shares to registered users on the RazItAll platform. CryptoLancers equity shares can be purchased for a limited time, with a minimum investment that is much lower than you would think (Under 100 Bucks).

Interested clients should please visit the offering page at http://bit.ly/CryptoLancersEquityCrowdfunding.

You can register a RazItAll account (If you do not have one already) here – http://bit.ly/RazItAllEquityCrowdfunding.

Once registered, the RazItAll platform will guide you through the quick and easy investment process. Any questions on the registration process can be answered at https://www.RazItAll.com/learn/bid.

We will continue to look for ways to democratize access to our equity, allowing more of our valued clients, gig makers, and CryptoLancers to become valued investors.

Thank you for choosing CryptoLancers, one of the first and most trusted Crypto only Freelancing platforms.

The CryptoLancers Team