Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, unveiled a plan on Tuesday to combat extremism and domestic terrorism in the United States.

The 2020 candidate outlined his plan in a blog post on Medium. In it, Buttigieg calls for dedicating $1 billion toward ensuring law enforcement across all agencies and all levels have sufficient resources to counter the growing tide of white nationalist violence.

He also calls for working with social media companies to identify and limit the spread of hateful ideology.

Within the plan, Buttigieg also calls for gun reform. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor proposed making background checks universalincluding calling on the Senate to vote on a gun reform bill passed by the House in Februaryand closing loopholes.

Current federal law only requires licensed gun dealers to conduct background checks on gun sales, allowing too many people who are banned from having guns to acquire them anyway, the plan reads. This loophole and others that allow dangerous individuals to obtain guns have to be closed.

Buttigieg also proposed: banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, supporting red flag laws, increasing federal funding for research, and establishing a gun licensing system in the United States that would be similar to what we require of car owners nationwide.

You can read all of Buttigiegs post on Medium here.

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