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Veep aired its final season premiere on HBO on Sunday night. Now, it looks as though Tony Hales other big TV show, Arrested Development, might be done for good as well.

I would be surprised if it continued, Hale says in a new interview for The Last Laugh podcast. I would be very surprised.

Just story-wise, I dont know how it would continue, he adds of the way the shows fifth season wrapped up on Netflix this past month. But maybe. Again, this business is so surprising. There are so many things that have popped up where Im like, oh, I wasnt expecting that. So I have no idea what is going to happen.


Those comments echo what his co-star David Cross said in an interview with Seth Meyers Late Night podcast. Ive learned to say never say never, but I cant see it happening again, I think for a number of reasons, Cross said last fall.

Hale stresses that his prediction about the fate of Mitch Hurwitzs series, which premiered on Fox all the way back in 2003, has everything to do with the way it ended and nothing to do with the apparent tensions within the cast that were exposed when they sat down for a group interview with The New York Times Sopan Deb last May, something we discuss during the podcast.

When the show first returned for its fourth season on Netflix in 2013seven years after the original run had ended on FoxHale says he had a lot of hesitancy about doing it because he didnt know if he could live up to the massive expectations from fans. And then I remember hearing Jessica Walters voice, who played Lucille, say Buster. And it was kind of like a Pavlovian, OK, Im back, he says. My chin went back, my arms went back, its like a muscle memory thing kicked in.

With his two iconic shows both ending this year, Hale, who will be appearing as the new character Forky in Toy Story 4 and is currently developing his childrens book Archibalds Next Big Thing into an animated Netflix series, says hes trying not to think too much about his own future.

You dont go up to a dentist and say, Oh, what are you doing next? Its not like hes going to go, Oh, Im doing this molar. Everyone kind of expects hell be a dentist, Hale says. Whereas freelancers, you always get that question, whats next? So its actually more of a challenge for me to stay present. So I think Im just going to continue practicing that.

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