Save your money and get paid from anywhere in the world

Freelancing is growing steadily, Upwork 2018 reports report shows that around 67% of freelancers are finding freelance jobs online, and the major medium is freelance marketplaces. Freelancers will make 43% of the workforce by 2020.

These freelancers get paid online in fiat but fiat comes with some inherent problem.

  • Payment fee
  • No instant money transfer support (International)
  • Unjustified exchange rates
  • Payment security

PayPal’s U.S. Freelancer Insights Report cites security (44%) and speed (38%) as the top two criteria when selecting how Freelancers will accept payments from clients.

How Crypto payments can help here?

Crypto payments can really impact this market, As crypto comes with several fundamental properties.

  • Global borderless payments
  • Instant payment and settlement
  • negligible payment fee
  • No problem of exchange rate

As in the case of international payments, your money hops banks to banks and take days to arrive in your account with exchange rates decided by banks (Most of the time you will not be happy with that).

Crypto solves this by directly transacting money between the client and the freelancer. Now you don’t have to pay high payment fee. This is very empowering.

Example — If you earn $10k/year and pay 5% in fee, that’s $500/year in just fee. That doesn’t make sense in any case. survey shows 30% freelancers already receive crypto Payments.